What is an after purchase email?

An after purchase email is automatically sent to your buyers after they checkout. This is a great way for you to let your buyers know they can get in touch with you and also to cross-sell other products.
Schedule & edit emails

Email Settings

Based on when you decide to send the email you can choose the main function of your emails, you can send the email immediately after the purchase as an order confirmation email, or set the email to be sent up to a week later as a follow up email.

Edit the text of your email to fit best your purpose. Use this as a chance to supply a buyer with any important information they need to know after they complete their purchase.

Use your emails both as a way to guarantee a buyer’s satisfaction and also as a way to cross sell to one-time buyers.

Design your emails

Email Design

Your after purchase email gives you a great opportunity to connect with buyers, stand out and make sure buyers will come back to buy from you again.

You can set the tone of your emails and distinguish your brand by adding a custom banner to your emails.

Browse our selection of email templates to choose the best fitting style & color for your emails.